Wednesday, April 6, 2011


For my advertisement I went with a Coca-Cola ad that uses the cast of The Simpsons. It stars with Mr. Burns, a wealthy millionaire, becomes broke forcing him to sell all his belongings. The viewer whiteness people taking away all his cherished items as Mr. Burns’ heart breaks. After losing everything he goes for a walk. He stumbles upon a park filled with happy people. Everyone in the park appears to be happy while most are drinking Coca-Cola. The music changes to a somber song as we see Apu, a gas station employee, sees Mr. Burns sulking. As a gesture of friendship Apu offers Mr. Burns a Coka-Cola. When he accepts the drink the music becomes cheerful again and people from all over the park come and embrace Mr. Burns as a friend.                     

I believe this commercial adheres to the appeal of a need for affiliation. The main character becomes depressed due to economic hardship which automatically relates it to a vast majority of Americans. When we see the other people enjoying each other it becomes apparent that Mr. Burns feels alone. This portrays a strong feeling of loneliness. Because most people have experienced something to that extent, it appeals to a very large audience if not the entire planet. By having such a broad audience the advertisement is extremely effective. By having the commercial animated helps to pull younger viewers, who relate it to their kind of entertainment, into the ad. By using a television show that has lasted for over twenty years attracts older viewers because they are already familiar with the characters. Once Mr. Burns drinks the coke he is accepted by the people and is carried off on peoples’ shoulders. From losing everything to gaining friendship and admiration the viewer feels a greater feeling of affiliation. I believe this advertisement does a great job considering the product in no way could every produce a result like that.

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