Friday, February 18, 2011

Solution to Saturday’s Puzzle – David Sedaris

             In David Sedaris’s Solutions to Saturday’s Puzzle, he explains his thoughts and logic during a plane ride. On this ride he had made an enemy with a woman because he refused to move so the couple could sit together. His story shows the absurd behavior of humans. David and a woman enter a small feud over switching seats with the woman’s husband. He uses the New York Times crossword puzzle to escape the situation and channel his feelings towards the woman who sulks through the entire plane ride. In this piece David recalls his ordeal from his view while explaining his cruel yet Haman thoughts. After he refuses to switch spots the woman begins to act hostile towards David. He pulls out the Saturday crossword puzzle and begins to write in insults, justification, and his general thoughts into the puzzle. Unlike many other writings, this piece starts at the final development in the situation then moving back to the beginning of the entire story. This form grabs an audience’s attention and leaves them searching for a connection throughout the story.
            This piece is a nice monologue that shows the comedy in everyday life and the human thought process. Unlike many other writings David presents all of his thoughts as a story progresses. In showing his thoughts the reader can see a more honest and realistic representation of how humans react to one another. I personally enjoy writings like this that are not inherently comical but through proper delivery can become an entertaining piece of acting. We are given a view of a man’s every though which allows us to see the situation from a rare perspective. This interesting view can be captivating as a simple straightforward storytelling, one without deep meaning or mystery rather it removes the barrier between the audience and the narrator. Without a barrier the two become united and stand together against the problems presented in the story.

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